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Common Problems With File Attachment In Bellsouth Email Account


Image of Common Problems With File Attachment In Bellsouth Email Account

Having issue attaching a file in any email account is quite a common problem. Almost every user face this issue once at least while trying to send or download a file or document in their email account. Similar is the case with the users of Bellsouth Email Account. If you are also a Bellsouth Email Account user and experiencing file attachment trouble in your email account, taking following measures can help fix the issue forever. Here are the steps:

Steps to fix Common File Attachment Problem in Bellsouth Email Account
1.) Check File Size
Bellsouth Email allows a file attachment of up to 50 files in a single email message with a size of no more than 25 MB. So, make sure the attachments you are trying to send in your email message contains no more than 50 files and that too with a size of no more than 25 MB in total. In order to send files with a size of more than 25 MB, try making use of services like YouSendIt or Dropbox.

2.) Verify Web Browser Settings
Always make sure you are using a support web browser for accessing your Bellsouth email account. If you already are using a compatible browser and facing the issue, try to fix the issue by clearing cookies and cache from your browser.

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However, if you are having trouble locating your downloaded attachments, you need to check your browser’s download settings located generally in the Options, Preferences or Tools menu of your browser. From there you will be able to know the location of the downloaded file and you can also change it as your preference.

3.) Check the Filename
If the Filename of your document of the file contains any special characters such as $/@#, or %, you may not be able to attach a file to your email message. So, make sure there are no such special characters in the title of the file and if it there are, consider removing them before attaching a file.

4.) Check in Case the File is Encrypted
If you are unable to open the attachment which you received in your inbox, it might be because the sender has sent it in an encrypted format. In such case, encrypted attachments can only open if you have the key to decode the file. Whether sending or receiving an encrypted file, make sure to have a key to decrypt it.
So, these are some of the common file attachment issue faced by Bellsouth Email Account users.